Beep & Boop


Beep & Boop

Turn learning good behavior into a game kids love!

  • Reward kids with BEEPS
  • Points get taken away for Boops
  • Set goals and define prizes
  • Help your child achieve!
  • It's fun! It's free!
  • It's wildly effective!
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What the Experts Say:

  1. Chrissy Cate MFT

    Great for younger children! I'm a Family Therapist and I found Beep & Boop to be an easy and fun app to use to improve my own child's behavior and recommend it to my clients as well. Chrissy Cate MFT

  2. Dr. Jeanelle Lanham

    Beep & Boop is a great app for all kids especially those with ADHD or any behavioral challenge. It not only allows them to set goals but achieve them and keep track along the way. Dr. Jeanelle Lanham

  1. Alison Miller, Ph.D.

    The Beep & Boop app has helped simplify the process of rewarding my two children. I highly recommend this app to any parents who want to create a fun way to change their children's behavior. Alison Miller, Ph.D.

  2. Michele Novotni, Ph.D.

    Beep & Boop catapults reward charts into the age of technology. Rather than looking for stars, or keeping track of points, the Beep & Boop app does it all for you and your child. Highly recommend you give it a try! Michele Novotni, Ph.D.

What the Users Say:

  1. Melissa Miller

    Since I found this app my stepdaughter has been a complete angel! I let her push it herself when she gets a BEEP and her face lights up! I've been telling everyone I know! It's a miracle app for mommies! Melissa Miller

  2. Jennifer Galpern

    Beep & Boop has helped my kids decide on tangible goals and a means to achieve them. They remind me when they have earned a BEEP (never when they earn a BOOP) and ask what they can do to earn more. Jennifer Galpern

  3. Kristi Christian

    Beep & Boop has been a fun way to encourage better behavior from all three of our kids (who range in age from 3 to 9). They work very hard to get their BEEPS and reach their goals. Beep & Boop is positive, easy to use, and is a great help in keeping peace in our crazy household!! Kristi Christian

  1. Tim Brixius

    Beep & Boop is a great way to reward specific positive behaviors and discourage specific negative ones. Way cooler—and more convenient—than a sticker chart! Tim Brixius

  2. Ann W.

    My 6-year-old daughter giggles when I point my phone at her and give her a BEEP. She now asks for a BEEP when she's caught doing something good, like helping her brother or picking up a piece of trash without being asked. Ann W.

  3. Eric Hagen

    The Beep & Boop app has been a great incentive for encouraging good behavior by our 6-year-old son. The prize of a BEEP motivates him to help out around the house happily, and the threat of a BOOP quickly puts him in line when he starts to act up. It's a fun and useful app, and I've recommended it to fellow parents of young children. Eric Hagen